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After many experiences since around thirty years in different universe of the writing, such as the theater, the fiction, the modern medias (television, cinema, communication, journalism), it is finally in the quest of men, since the dawn of the humanity, that came to position my writing. In a pressing need to give evidence, to restore to the widest public these attempts of peoples or civilizations to understand the role and place of the human being one this planet. Because yew the humanity possesses a true wealth, it is indeed the one that lives in this  » common fund of the humanity  » collecting all the questioning and all the waits of past, and the most fervent impatiences of the present.


Welcome in the history of the people and their faith in the life …




An author in the sources of the main thing


The high school diploma in pocket, Bernard Baudouin leaves in the United States, where he studies comedy in the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute of Los Angeles, supervised by Lee Strasberg, founder of the Actor’s Studio. Of return in France, he is a comedian and writes a dozen of plays of which he puts some in scene.

Already the writing is a part of its life. He publishes his first short-stories in magazines, then writes scenarios of films, under contract, for television and the cinema.

When he decides to give up the comedy, at the beginning of 1980’s, it is to write his first books. They will be at first twenty-five spy novels for the Presses de la Cité. While he evolves at the same time in the world of the Communication and steers an editorial agency, then in Press where he becomes the chief editor of several magazines (Le Monde du Tourisme Partner’s…), he distances himself soon from works of fiction and begins then to produce books directed on the spirituality and the personal development.

In 1994, he stops quite other activity to dedicate itself only in writing books. He created then the collection  » Spiritualities of the world, religions, mystery and traditions  » within De  Vecchi Publishing.

In 2000, he begins to steer regularly Writing Workshops for those that wish to learn about the art to write.

He is also a member of the Société des Gens de Lettres, and member of Sacem as lyric writer.






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